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Hi. I'm Dennis Heenan and my best guess tells me that you’ll agree that celebrity body transformations are nothing short of amazing. And these days, it seems like these transformations are happening faster than ever…

graphtopIf you’ve ever wondered how celebrities can go from soft, flabby, and out-of-shape to super lean, strong, and fit… In what seems like just weeks…

Then do yourself a favor and continue reading because you’ll discover the exact techniques that the most fit celebrities use to make these amazing transformations… PLUS, I’ll be giving you a step-by-step plan on how YOU can start seeing the same results in your workouts.

For years, probably like many of you… I have watched dozens of celebrities go through these amazing body transformations and continually thought to myself: “HOW? How do they do this?”

At first, I firmly believed that the only way these transformations happened was through spending hours at a time in the gym or spending tons of money on expensive “Hollywood” supplements…


Although you still hear stories of this happening, the vast majority of celebrities have gravitated to something NEW…

New techniques that are so simple they are often overlooked (even by most personal trainers!)

Just recently, I was digging for answers on a few of the most recent celebrity transformations when I noticed some recurring themes and workout techniques that kept coming up…

As you may already know, Hollywood actors and actresses are expected to see results FAST… It’s just the nature of their job…

Yet, what makes YOU and I any different? Don’t you think you deserve to see fast results, too?

secrets1I’ll say this now… And I think you’ll agree, you DO

And the best part is… The techniques you’ll learn about below do NOT require tons of time, money, or even hiring a personal trainer…

In my 8-years of being a trainer and coach, helping thousands of people both online and off-line, one of the many things I’ve learned is this:

The majority of people are already working hard enough in their workouts, and my best bet tells me you are too. 

HOWEVER, most people and maybe even yourself, are missing just THREE simple techniques that will allow you to take your body and fat burning to a whole new level…

Techniques that are so simple, they’re often overlooked…

And as you’ll see below, these are the techniques that allow celebrities to continually SHOCK viewers and make their amazing body transformations…

These super simple yet very unique techniques that we’ll be covering below, are what will help you burn 55% more fat in the next 4-weeks.

Ok, it’s time for me quickly introduce myself before moving on…

denpicMy name is Dennis Heenan, but my friends call me ‘The Clark Kent of Fitness’ because of my “Superhero-Inspired” workouts and the fact that I resemble Clark Kent with my black-rimmed glasses :)

Over the last 8-years, I’ve had the opportunity of helping over 7,200 men and women just like yourself, transform their bodies through my workout programs.

I pride myself on endlessly researching the latest and greatest workout techniques, and especially staying up to date on celebrity transformations (this stuff just fascinates me!)

During the last 8-years in the fitness industry, and specifically in the last few months, I’ve been seeing a huge change in the way workouts happen.

Although you still hear stories of people spending hours in the gym everyday in order to get lean… What you are seeing more of now is people who are working out LESS and seeing BETTER results…

And as you’ll see in just a second, celebrities have “cracked the code” when making their lightning fast transformations, and I’ll spill all those secrets with you on this page today…

I’m going to show you the exact techniques you need to be doing in your workouts so that you can train LESS while seeing BETTER results…

So What Are The 3 Celebrity Workout Techniques?

Workout Technique #1:
Muscle Activation Through
Bodyweight Sequences."

Muscle Activation is often one of the most overlooked aspects of training…

If you can activate more muscles during your workout, you will burn more fat… It’s really that simple.

And this doesn’t mean working out longer in order to work more muscles… Quite the opposite, in fact…

Just a few weeks ago, I came across a workout video that was put online by super lean and ripped actor Stephen Amell, who stars in the hit TV show ‘Arrow.’

In the short 60-second circuit, he went through a variety of bodyweight movements and some higher intensity sprint-like exercises…

And if I could sum up his workout with one word, it would be this…


I mean, he hit every muscle possible during this short 60-second circuit. 

The workout was fast, intense, and powerful.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you see people make in the gym, and maybe you’ve done this before too, is focusing too much on isolating your muscles during your workouts (ie. bicep curls, tricep extensions, leg curls, etc.).

Although isolation workouts are great for bodybuilders, my best guess tells me that you aren’t going after the “bulky” or crazy muscular physique.

The reason muscle activation is such a powerful technique is that it produces high levels of adrenaline in your body…

You may be familiar with adrenaline, however, if you aren’t…

It’s considered the “fight or flight” hormone that your body produces in stressful situations.

bwsequencesThink of the last time you were driving and had to slam on your breaks… Your heart was racing, palms sweaty, face flushed…

That’s adrenaline…

Anyway, adrenaline can also be produced from certain kinds of workouts…

In fact, it’s a “by-product” of muscle activation that has been shown to bring 3-TIMES the results in your workouts.

According to a study done out of Australia, researchers stated that:

“Intermittent sprinting (or fast-paced bodyweight movements) produces
high levels of chemical compounds called catecholamines (adrenaline),
which allow more fat to be burned from under the skin and within
the exercising muscles. The resulting increase in fat oxidation drives
the greater weight loss.”

Researchers continued, and found that as a result of this adrenaline increase in the body, participants in the sprinting group lost 3-times as much fat as the group who did not perform sprints.

Adrenaline has also been linked to…

benefitsAnd more…

Sounds kind of like having Superpowers, right? :)

leantakeaway1It’s really powerful stuff. And the best part all this, is that it can all be attained through short, bodyweight sequences…

…This can be as simple as combining a strength exercise and with a fast-paced movement (like a box jump or burpee)…

And here’s quite possibly the best part about muscle activation when it’s done through the right bodyweight sequences…

It can be done in 25-minutes or less…

Activating multiple muscles at once, in a short period of time, increases adrenaline very quickly…

And being that adrenaline is a “stress hormone”, training for too long can be detrimental to the results you see.

So instead of focusing on the length of your workout, focus on activating as many muscles as possible in the shortest period of time…

This is what will allow you to 2X or even 3X your results…

Workout Technique #2:
“Workout Variety... All The Time!”

You always want to be changing up your workouts if you are looking for the fastest possible results.

Athletes are the perfect example of this... And celebrities lately have been taking a page right out of their book to make their transformation results sky-rocket...

If you look at an athlete train, you will notice the wide variety of exercises and workouts that they do. There's a very good reason for this...

Over time, your body starts adapting to the kinds of exercises and workouts that you do…

That’s why it’s important to give your body something NEW every time you hit the gym. Even if this means doing a slightly different exercise variation, adding in a new finisher workout, doing more reps or sets than the time before…

To demonstrate the importance of workout variety, researchers out of Gainesville, Florida took 114 men and women and separated them into three groups.

leantakeaway2For the 8-week study…

  • Group A trained 3 times per week with “frequent variety” in their workouts
  • Group B trained 3 times per week with “no variety” in their workouts
  • Group C was given no guidelines for training

At the end of the 8-week study, not only did Group A see “far better results” than groups B and C, they reported “more satisfaction” in their workouts.

According to one leading researcher, “ideally, your workout routine should change almost daily.”

He continues by saying…

“Variety isn’t just the natural antidote to boredom; it’s the best remedy for the inevitable plateau we hit when we stay on the same track too long.”

In other words, not only will workout variety keep you from getting bored in your workouts, it will also allow you to continually break through frustrating plateaus. 

The last thing you want is to stop progressing in your workouts and fat loss...

That's why workout variety is SO important...

Even the super lean Stephen Amell had this to say about workout variety when asked about his workouts...

"It changes... ALL the time." 

He continued by discussing how he is constantly challenging his body with new exercises, workout variations, and different circuit splits.

Now, the good news is that changing your routine often (and even daily) is not as hard as you think as you'll see in just a second... First though, lets cover the third technique…

Workout Technique #3:
“Periodized Progress… The KEY To Your Success!”

If you’ve attended a gym regularly for more than a few weeks, you’ve probably seen the people that come in and do the same 2-3 routines over and over.

leantakeaway3I’m not saying that these people are out of shape, however, they are not allowing for periodized progress in their workouts.

It’s one of the reasons that people can go to the gym week after week and month after month and not see any changes in their body…

Periodized Progress can be defined as “gradually developing towards a more advanced state through organizational training with structured change.”

In other words, it’s having a specific plan in place that allows for daily progress to achieve a specific result.

This can happen in a variety of ways…

  • Doing more work in the same amount or less time (AKA. density)
  • Doing more sets with the same amount of reps (AKA. volume)
  • Training more frequently with the same exercises (AKA. frequency training)
  • Performing harder variations of an exercise
  • Adding outside variables (like a box or chair) to increase workout intensity
  • Using drop sets, negatives, rest pause reps, and other advanced training methods to increase intensity

And that’s just to name a few…

To show you the importance of periodized progress, there was a study published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, where researchers from Ball State University took two groups and put them through a 12-week strength training program.

One group used a Periodized Training Approach, while the second group used a non-periodized approach… As you can see on the chart below, the periodized training group saw nearly DOUBLE the results in ALL categories compared to the non-periodized group over the course of the study…

Including, a 55% INCREASE in fat burning and over DOUBLE the lean muscle and strength results…

Take a look:


The reasoning for this is simple…

When periodized progress is a focus in your training routine, you are consistently “shocking” your body with new exercises and workouts allowing you to continually get stronger, burn more fat, and progress forward in every single workout.

And THIS, my friend, combined with our previous two techniques are what allow celebrities to transform so quickly. 

progress3These techniques may seem simple, however, they are incredibly powerful when you utilize them in the RIGHT way…

And the best part about all this?

Now YOU Can Do The Same Thing!

After discovering these 3 simple, yet very powerful transformation techniques, I went back to the drawing board (or Bat Cave if you are a superhero nerd like me) and designed the ultimate resource for people who were tired of seeing slow results from their workouts.

Furthermore, I wanted to make sure people just like you could use this system without having to spend long hours in the gym, do crazy (and near impossible) exercises, or even sacrifice on family time or social gatherings. I wanted to create a system that could easily fit right into your daily schedule while still bringing you the rapid results you desire.

So, what I’ve done is combined everything that you learned about above and put it into a full 4-week program that is designed to help you progress in every single workout you do. And here’s quite possibly the coolest part…

Why You Will Never Do The Same Workout Twice...

If you remember, in order for you to get your fastest possible results, you need to be focused on putting NEW stimulus on your body each and every workout.

This is exactly what the most lean and ripped athletes and celebrities do in their workouts.

Doing so, will FORCE your body to adapt and transform more quickly… Which in turn leads to faster progress and results.

Plus, who wants to do the same boring workout over and over again? I know I don't and if I had to guess, my gut tells me you don't either...

Now don’t worry if this sounds complicated, difficult, or intimidating to change up your workout every single day…

It's not hard... In fact, I've put together a complete system that has you covered for the next 28-days that I'd love for you to check out below.

Use the 3 celebrity workout techniques and get everything you need to burn body fat, increase lean muscle, and completely transform your body in the next 28-days with the brand NEW…

Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition


With all the research, studying, and testing... You can get now your hands on the FULL 4-Phase Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition program. Each phase is designed to help you progress from one workout to the next, continually forcing your body to burn more fat while never doing that same workout twice!

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So I went back to the drawing board and created 56 Bodyweight Isolation Workouts that focus on targeting your most troubled areas. And the best part is they take just 7-9 minutes to complete.

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I did lose fat! Can see more definition in my abs and my clothes fit looser. I also think the exercises built some muscle because people are telling me I look good and I think I look more shapely and fit rather than skinny." -Lisa
I really really loved this program. The last two weeks was an awesome jump start. So much fun and the amount of time the workouts took was perfect. I didn’t have to labor over where I could fit them in. I went to bed at night knowing I was going to get a morning workout in because they were only 20-28 minutes. It felt good. I ended up taking off 7 pounds." -Mira
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WARNING: This Is Definitely Not For Everyone

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P.P.S. Do you still have questions? I have answers for you below:

Still Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers:

  • q-iconWho is Dennis Heenan and why should I listen to him?

    Well I’m your typical everyday computer nerd that happens to love Superhero’s and am obsessed with fitness, fat loss, and body transformation. So much so that I’ve dedicated the last 8-years of my life to learning everything I could in order to help people transform their bodies.

    The Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition was a result of hours of research and months of testing so that ANYONE who tried it could see great success. Yes, even if you’ve failed trying other programs in the past. I firmly believe that this program is the solution you need to break through your plateaus and really take your body to a new level!

  • q-iconWhat is Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition and why does it work so quickly?

    The Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition is a 4-phase program that is designed to help you progress from one workout to the next, making sure that your body is transforming each step of the way.

    By utilizing the proper progressions and adding in all kinds of variety, you are able to put enough stimulus on the muscles and body forcing it to burn fat and transform.

    Plus, it’s done with just your bodyweight!

  • q-iconCan I use this system more than just once?

    Yes! Although I recommend going through phases 1-4 as it is set up, you can always come back to these when you need a little extra push.

  • q-iconWill I lose my muscle with this program because it is all bodyweight?

    Nope. These workouts will tone up your lean muscle making it look better and “tighter” than before. Even though you are using just your bodyweight, you will still be able to add lean muscle through the strength circuits you will do.

  • q-iconWhat if I have a lot of fat to lose?

    Whether you are in great shape, or are just starting out, the Superhero Body is designed to bring you amazing results. Each of the workouts can be easily catered to fit anyones fitness level so no matter where you are at currently, this program WILL challenge you.

  • q-iconDoes the program work just as good for women as it does men?

    Many of the clients using this system right now are women and are seeing incredible results. Health and fitness does not discriminate, so whether you are a man or woman reading this right now, it WILL work for you.

  • q-iconI am a beginner, can I still use the program?

    Of course! Included within the program, are different ways that you can make the workouts more or less challenging. Although these workouts are intense, beginners will still find it very beneficial as I will show you exactly what to do when first starting out.

  • q-iconWhat if it doesn’t work for me?

    Then it is FREE!

    If you follow the simple steps in the Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition, do exactly what it says and follow the outline, and for ANY reason you are not satisfied, just email dennis [at] and I will refund your money. Simple as that!

    I’m making it just that simple because I want you to be able to get started with Superhero Body today with zero risk, knowing you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.


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